Welcome To SEKU School of Engineering & Technology

Seku Eng KiokoThe School of Engineering and Technology aims at producing graduates with solid knowledge and readily marketable skills in the relevant areas of specialization in engineering and technology. This knowledge and skill will enable them to adapt readily to a wide variety of technical and managerial careers. The school provides a foundation in sciences complemented by general technical courses in the relevant disciplines. The programmes generally, focus on the practical application of engineering knowledge, and broad managerial skills, in addition to introducing them to various fields.

The school lays a lot of emphasis on production of professionally qualified graduates who would be trusted to undertake developmental projects in the fields of engineering. Our graduates are expected to register with the relevant regulatory and professional bodies and get the relevant certification for practice, and to be extremely competitive in the job market. The school also encourages innovativeness, freedom of thought, scholarly excellence and consultancy services in all fields in the school. Staff quality and development are given top priority to enable development of highly qualified and competent team of teaching, research and innovative staff.




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